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Hi,All Of You!

ARCANUM,is a word that belongs to the magic lines and means the secret,the unrevealed,the things that can be told by the symbol.
Five years ago,I met in Facebook,as a contact of some common friends,a very creative,exciting,curious and talented artist of São Paulo,Brasil, called GAL OPPIDO.
   Gal Oppido & Jorge Ramiro (2015)
Gal is a multimedia artist very sentitive,
and able to get great results in drawing,
photography,his most used expression,
video,music and more.
Last year,he made me an invitation to join his project called CROSS.A surprising video collage(if I can call it this way),composed by many different expressions of art,as music,contemporary art,acting,
performance...and among all this,Gal,had a kind of vision,that my doll characters,could somehow get dialogue with the project.
I had the pleasure to meet him in person,visiting his studio and I was introduced to a part of the material already done.Watching all those amazing performances,by so many different artists,I felt an inspiration to create exactly something out of everything I've been doing since I started working with doll photography.
Of course I have nothing against fashion style.Actually,I really love it.But I thought it was time to take my eyes for another dimension,another way to observe and deeply see my pieces,my dolls.
And I decided to study,for conceive something that explores opacity,power of expression of the dolls.The strength of the myth and symbolic aspect.The result is this small exhibition,that I bring to you today.Thank You So Much!

            BLOG FOLLOWERS:

             "ARCANUM" - JorgeRamiro ©2016

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It's funny how we can have a certain affection for symbols or representations.Dolls,for sure,are a mark of a time in our lives,and it's not so easy give up on some of them.
Ali,my Pop Life Christie,had not a great time among the doll cast,but even having,after all,a different aspect,she brought enchantment and charm for the collection,and being an iconic black doll,I'd like to give her my homage through a brief retrospect of her best moments in front of my lens.
She's(her head,I say...LOL!)now going to Bahia,"to live" with other dolls...
Her body,you know,gives now,life for the stunning Dorah.
This,a doll that I don't pretend to give up so early!!

*A CuriosityAli and Dorah,never had together in neither picture,
during all of this time...

                   BYE BYE,ALI,BYE BYE!

2013,In My First Photo(And Dolls)Exhibition

With Her Dog,Now,Of Dorah...

                           Reveillon 2012

2016,A Head For Sale (Sold!)

sábado, 19 de março de 2016


I could not accept the fact that recently I was able to create re-bodies for five of my dolls,and Dorah,my most beautiful black doll,was still on the inexpressive Model Muse body. By many and many times,I thought about it,having the strange sensation that I would not find a body for her. When something keeps on my head... I have to resolve it,but I really could not find the way,till I decide organize my dolls box.
Observing one by one and understanding the transformations my doll collection passed through this last three years,I decided to follow my intuition and give up of some of my iconic dolls,to give to my Top Model Nikki - Dorah - the chance/change for finally gets articulations.
This was not the first time that I thought about take out Aly (Pop Life Christie) of my collection.But just for being she so iconic,for sure lovely and my first "gold label",I kept myself unsure to take this decision.
But in a recent conversation about my dolls,plans for the dolls and characteristics of my collection, with a very sensitive friend, I had to undesrtand, that all my impressions about Pop Life dolls having a caricatural aspect,and for that, shows a different style from what my  collection is featuring now,were true.
Then,encouraged by this talk,I finally decided to sell the Pop Life's doll head,and offer to Dorah,her,for sure,a stunning and beautiful doll,the opportunity(by the re-body),to be,as I always dreamed she should be.
A last detail about this news,it's that I'd love to give Dorah,the chance to have those pretty hands of Pop Life dolls...I never saw again this kind of hands in a Barbie Collector doll.Mattel's "quality",nowadays,gives to Collectors the same style of playline hands!All I can say,is that I'm really happy!Having no regret giving up from Aly,and sure that forward,Dorah will appears more and more,
being able to be part of my new photo projects for the doll cast.

                  THE DORAH'S RETURN!

sábado, 12 de março de 2016


"ARCANUM",it's the name of a project that I'm putting in development for another project,of a great and very talented artist,that made me an invitation to have participation with my work with dolls and photography.
I was searching for another way to build images with dolls.Searching for a change,but I couldn't find the way,the proposal and an appropriate theme for this new moment.Many of this images come on my mind when I had the privilege to watch parts of this great video collage that compose the artist's project.At the same time I discovered beautiful images studying again the symbol's history,the symbol and mythology.
And then I found the theme,the atmosphere and from where I must to go on with my research. The result of all this come with "ARCANUM".That means secret,the unrevealed.And for build this atmosphere,I promote some important changes.What's in scene are the dolls,their "expressions",eyes,elements and lights that bring expression for this kind of told story.But no with the amazing and rich details of Vanessa Morrinson's novels,that I love so much.But as portraits,just to keep my focus on this kind of photography.
Max,one of my recent dolls,proved how expressive he can be,and also solved a certain mistery that I always had,looking at him...
At the end,I'll tell you...
Hope you enjoy Max return on "ARCANUM"!
Thank You!

  Now,The Secret:

Since I Bought This Doll,I Always Noticed He Reminds Me Someone That I Could Not Remember Clearly Who. Well,Someday,After Watching An Episode Of American Horror Story "HOTEL",I Finally Identified The Same Face Of The Doll On MATT BOMER's Face.The Famous Actor And Finnick Doll,Keep Extreme Similarity.At Least,To My Eyes,That Could Finally Relax When Looking At The Doll's Face- LOL -

                    Don't You Think They Look Alike?

                              (Photos Of Matt Bomer Taken By The Internet)

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This Posting,It's Just To Share And Thanks Marta,From ALL FOR BARBIE Blog,For Her Great Dedicatory To My Work With Doll Photography,And All Gentle Words She Refered To My Blog.
Would Like Also,To Give My Welcome To The New Followers "Phyllis" And "Neytiri1",That Came Here,Trough The Marta's Posting.
I'm Very Happy!

Este Post Es Sólo Para Compartir y Gracias Marta De ALL FOR BARBIE Blog Por Su Gran Homenaje À Mi Trabajo Con La Doll Fotografia,Y Todos Las Dulces Palabras Se Refirió A Mi Blog.
También Me Gustaría Dar La Bienvenida A Los Nuevos Seguidores
"Phyllis" Y "Neytiri1",Que Estão Aquí,Por La Postagem De Martha.
Estoy muy feliz!(Perdón por mi español!)


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Everybody knows that BEN & WAL are one of my favorite couples on the doll cast.This quick posting it's just to wish to all of you a great sunday,by news that proves they keep in love,living in peace and sharing simple moments with Boo their dog.LOL!!!
Express yourself,express your love and enjoy life!

Happy New Week!

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Good to be here again! 
Recently,in a comment,"Grandmommy",one of my dedicated followers,made an appeal for me,to share my black red hair Diva GILDA REESE
Well,we were in december.After that,I had an invitation to participate on a visual art project created by a very talented artist of photography here in Brasil.I'll talk more about the project and the artist author,in the appropriate occasion.But in fact,after the selection of my dolls included in this project,I started doing my research about the atmosphere I was interested to explore in this job.And started working on the pictures.
The point,in this production is the symbol,the myth and a certain opacity,that takes off,from the dolls,the fashion aspect.
This is not about clothes.It's about expression,power of expression and a symbolic thematic,that validates some iconic objects,held up by the dolls.
There are ten dolls in this project,and I'm very happy by the results I achieved.GILDA REESE,exactly her,that I had the intention to bring back to the clicks,was one of the best results for the project and I'm so glad with "her performance"(LOL!),that I decided to bring her back,here in the blog,introducing exactly the photo session for this new job.
She appears as a hot witch,saving the mysteries of the crystal ball.
Forward,as soon as possible, I'll talk more about this Art Project and indicate more details and informations about the other dolls in the project. 
I Let All Of You With:

                 GILDA REESE as
                                          The Witch