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2016 it's ending,and at its begining,we had a nice surprise with GREASE LIVE TV show by FOX,in last february.
Even with some mistakes and sound troubles,it was something that redefined the live shows issues,for sure.And paid a great tribute to the well succeed play of Broadway and iconic film with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in the main roles.
The "Frenchy" character,became a movie icon.Millions of  people all across the world,and from very distant generations are able to identify Frenchy from Grease.I have not many informations about this character in the original play of Broadway,but certainly,from the Paramount Movie of 1978,Frenchy is definitely a mark.
Jansen & Conn: LIVE 2016!
Didi Conn & Joan Blondell: 1978 Movie
Conn & Frankie Avalon's finger: 1978 Movie
All this pop vibe around the pink hair girl,
comes from the awesome creation of Didi Conn,that has the lucky to be,until the present days,having fun with her creation.
Didi,was the only one in the Grease cast that had been present in all the moments after 1978.
Behind the Grease movie,Frenchy came back in Grease II(1982),
that introduce the wonderful 
Michelle Pfeiffer.
Now,in early 2016 in Grease Live,Didi Conn,had the opportunity to perform the waitress Vi,played by Joan Blondell,in the 1978's movie.
Everybody remember that classical snack bar talk,some minutes before of the "Beauty School Drop Out" song moment,with Frankie Avalon,in the Frenchy's angel dream,by the way,very well recreated by the Boyz To Men in the live show.
Didi And Carly Jansen - Instagram 2016 
Some characters fall down in the affection of the audfience,and Frenchy is a worldwide case like this.Forgetting the solo moment where Carly Rae Jansen(that plays Frenchy in Grease Live)sings,I like very much the naturality that Jansen lent to the character,less comic or gangly,than that created by Didi.

When I made my tribute to Grease and Grease Live also in february,I had not the chance to include Frenchy among Rizzo,Sandy and Marty,bringing Dee Gee,doll that I've got as a gift from Debbie Garret,in her first
February 2016 - My Grease Tribute
photo session,appropriately in a 50's
style,and celebrating the fact of a black actress/singer be playing that role.
And by this time I still was trying to repair this horrible mistake I made,not buying at the stores when I had the chance,the only dolls I have that honor iconic characters or real people.
Actually Rizzo,that is my unique 
Teresa,it was the only that I had the lucky to buy at a store.Sandy in her Rydell cheerleader uniform,I bought from a seller on internet in 2011.And since then,I was trying to find Frenchy to compose the power trio of Grease ladies,
but she was hard to find or absurdly expensive when found.
The search ended in late 2015.But as this 2106 was a very busy and troubled year,I still hadn't find a time to introduce that doll as she deserves.I have in mind the idea to insert Frenchy and Rizzo,out of their original characters,on the doll cast.
Frenchy,I believe,will soon suits very well on an elaborate plan for 2017,which the theme,it's still a secret.
About another Grease dolls reunion,all I can say by now,it's that life passes quickly,and pretty soon,in just one year,everyone of us will be probably celebrating again,with the pass of 40th Grease Anniversary(The Movie!).Yeahhh!Can you believe that?1978/2018 OMG!
Well,despite all the fury of the time,I'll be here(If God Allow!),ready to make a better new Grease tribute,this time counting on Frenchy's presence(LOL!).Only by this time my Grease girls will be together again,celebrating the fact that Grease for many and many generations ahead,will still keep being:"the word".

 Still In The Lovely Grease Boxes

A Touch Of "Riz" On Her (What Do You Think?)

 Another Choice For Rydell Ball

This Post Is Dedicated To The American Actress
Thank You, For The Good Vibes And So Much Fun!

God Bless You!

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This,is probably the most controversial release of the last years in the dolly world.And not without reasons.
 © Mattel's Publicity

The Stephen Burrows'dolls had not the same reception and acceptance than other dolls of great names of Fashion,celebrated by Mattel.
Alazne(a 2012 release),the second Burrows' doll,was the most criticized of the two others,the first release and the last one.
The highest point about her,comes from the surpriseingly absurd idea from Mattel,that made a hole in the top of the head of a golden label doll,just to hold on it a fashion helmet.
Everybody knows that Mattel do repetedly,lots of mistakes,that the quality of their products is something that we can often suspect,but in that case,what happened was a show of stupidity and lack of respect by the customers.
The Awful Hole!
Anyway,despite of the very annoyed reactions from the public around the world(mostly from those that discovered the trouble of the hole after buying the doll),if we forget about this point and observe the doll in itself,we can find(if we open our minds!)a gorgeous bald black doll.No,that this had been the intention of Mattel,but... there's something we can do for a change on this beautiful face!

That was my personal choice!I was not mistaken,
when I bought my Alazne,that I call SHANTY,and the hole trouble,was a challenge,that came with  the doll in itself.
 I thought it could be a great chance to create my  first doll flocking.The opportunity came at the  same time it was possible to find the flock on  sale by some handcraft stores in São Paulo.
 We were at the end of 2014,and I believe that it  was not possible to find flock for sale here,
 before 2012 or 2013.So,the moment couldn't be  better for my first try.
 Even having only some  days ago the time for this  try.I followed the  indications of the Emilia's  tutorial on Flickr to  make it,and I discovered that it's something really simple to do,if you obey the rules for do not touch the flock on the surface you are applying,while it's wet.That's serious!I also understood that a drawing or a painted area for you to apply the glue(before the flock),will helps a lot to do a job well finished.
For a first try I can say I'm not dissapointed with myself...
It's so nice not see anymore that hole!(LOL!)
2014 New Year's Eve

Even before the flocking,at her first appearance here on the blog,opening 2015,I believe that was possible for everybody understand how awesome she is,and how incredible is her photogenic potential.
Actually,this same photo session,it's in my opinion(exactly for the capture of her!),the best job I done on doll photography.For that reason and for all the controversy around the release of this golden lable doll,I took the decision to keep her by now as the only muse among my pieces.Inspiring me with her exotic beautiful face,her elegance and the head now as it should be:without a incomprehensible hole and ready for captures,no matter the angle!

All about the choice of Shanty,as her name,it's gonna be told soon,
when I'll introduce the new "girl":Veroque!

Once Again All My Thanks For Your Attention!



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Since I had that doll in hands by the first time,in 2010,looking 
at her amazing beautiful face(what a great creation of Mattel's designers!),I thought with myself:How sad,that she's trapped on a "model muse" body!In the truth,I had the same feeling,holding the awesome Nikki Top Model(My Dorah),that arrived almost at the same day than mine Josephine - On Location Milan.By this time,I already had the clear notion about what articulations could bring for dolls in terms of photography.Even trying to give her the best impressions of movement and "body expression" as I could,in the photos,I obviously couldn't get far on it and in a certain moment I stopped trying her on photos,sure that she needed an articulated body.
It took seven years to happen!Only now she's ready to express the perfect grace her face calls for,through a more natural way to move and strike poses.She is also ready for projects where the dolls "act holding" things.

This was possible only because I could find the rare "Chandra" SIS.
Babyphat.As everybody knows,that collection
(out of line now),had an important role celebrating the proud and beauty of the afro americans and black people across the globe represented by the dolls.Unfortunately,many of the So In Style dolls waves(as many other black dolls,did not come to brazilian stores.What I consider a pity to the black brazilian children self-esteem,who can not easily find black dolls by the stores of a completely mixed country.We can say the same,on an even more serious scale,for the japanese children,here,who much more rarely find a symbol of their culture and ethnicity in a toy form.
If I'm not wrong this was the first time Mattel released a dark brown articulated body,in a playline collection.By this point,I confess,I really don't understand the reasons for so few articulated bodies in "dark brown" and "dark black" tones by the Mattel's dolls.
Why not to have a dark skin diva in Barbie Style or Made to Move lines?
Why it didn't happen in the old times of Fashionistas articulated?Of course,USA,the land of Mattel,has(as in Brazil)an expressive quantity of mixed blood people and perhaps for that,
"afra" and "light black" are the most used tones for black dolls by Mattel.But of course,there are also a great number of people with gorgeous dark I just don't understand why not to celebrate more this aspect of reality...
Anyway,I'm very happy in get the lucky to find the SIS Chandra,that matches exactly with the skin tone of Josephine.
As I said before,I wanted to preserve some original aspect by the dolls,using only articulated body of the same factory.It was not easy!
After writting this post,I went for a visit on "The Barbie Collection",to get information about the name of the On Location Milan's designer.Then I reminded that it was a Robert Best's creation.Exactly in October of 2006.So,in a certain way,I'm paying my personal tribute to the 10th anniversary of the release of this very,very beautiful doll.
Mine,now,gorgeous,in her articulated body.

Thanks For Coming!
See You,Soon!
The DIVA Moves

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Hello,My Friends!

Many things happened since I started collecting fashion dolls,seven years ago.The first funny thing about it,comes exactly by the fact that I never thought it could get so far...(LOL!)
And the most recent funny thing about it,comes from the sensation that only now the playing will really starts.This because since last year,I'm organizing changes,re-bodies and detaching me of some dolls,opening that way a space for the right piece.
In the beginning of this adventure,I confess,I made some mistakes buying pieces (dolls),that only a time after,I could see as inappropriate to the style my collection was compounding.
Well,I guess it happen with many of you.So,while I was slowly resolving the mistakes and substituitions,I was also discovering and studying those that showed potential for photos and those that didn't work as well as I thought,even with those I felt something special about them.Pop Life Christie,was a case like that... 
It was not easy to make the re-body of all my dolls without articulation.First by the tone,and after for the money.It's not cheap to find articulated dolls out of line,in Brasil.And finally, because I decided to do something that I considered important:I have not hybrids!All my dolls from Mattel,have a Mattel's articulated body...this was not simple to achieve...
But,now they are almost ready for adventures,projects and lots of fun.I'm waiting for the last two articulated bodies for two dark skin divas...
With some changes and some dolls left in the past,these are the stars on the doll cast.



(A Little Bit More Of Them In The Second Part!)