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Em virtude de nossa convidada para a Edição-3 do TALENTO EM EXPOSIÇÃO ser um talento internacional e também pela maioria de nossos seguidores serem pessoas que falam e escrevem em inglês,essa postagem será escrita neste idioma.À você,leitor,que não compreende inglês,o recurso da tradução,tanto do blog(coluna à direita),como os dispositivos de tradução on line,deverão excepcionalmente ser usados desta vez.
Desde já agradeço à compreensão de vocês,na acolhida elegante e gentil que devemos ter com nossos convidados que não falam português.


     The CLICKING DOLLS Proudly Presents In
    "TALENT IN EXHIBITION" - The Sensibility
     And Art On Photography Of:

                   SYDNEE BEE

Sydnee Bee,was one of the first artists on doll photography that I had contact(by her art),when I created my account on FLICKr.
I was discovering  a new universe and learning about this same universe by all his variety in forms of expression.

Sydnee called my attention for her very personal way to create
photos using her doll collection in a different way we usually see by the "fashion doll collectors".I tought really interesting the way she mingled Action Figures and Fashion dolls,often creating an atmosphere of movies,with scenes that seemed to compose a film sequence.

We can see many differents aspects by the creative people doing doll photography.But there is something very personal and special in the art of Sydnee Bee,and since I had in mind create the "TALENT IN EXHIBITION" I had her job in focus for an invitation.
Well,the time has come!She accepted my invitation!Is a very sweet person,and gave me by e-mail a great interview.
This is what we have for you now! 


JR-It's a pleasure to have you on here to this post!
   Sydnee bee is an amazing nick name,and you use it as your artistic 
   name on your photos.Where did you come from?Tell us something 
   about you...

SB- Sydnee Bee is just a variation of my name Sydney Blackburn.
    I'm Canadian,from the East Coast,and the ocean is my first love.
    Presently I live in Ontario,close to Lake Eerie,which is also nice.

JRHow did you start doing pictures?What comes first:your doll
    collection or your talent to do pictures?

SB-  I started taking pictures when I was about ten.my mother gave me her
   Kodak 126 (the kind that takes the flash cubes)when she upgraded to a
   110.When I got older(and out on my own)I bought a Minolta SLR and
   taught myself everything I know.
       I went to work in a studio,fell in love with macro,and eventually
   became a professional portrait and wedding photographer,though
   shooting landscapes for the stock picture market was my true passion.

   Strangely, I didn't get into dolls as a hobby until five years ago
   (when I turned forty).I had written a screenplay just on a whim,and 
   really liked it,but had no ways or means to turn it into anything,so
   I thought - why not use dolls to tell the story?
   From there it just grew and grew.I had to learn photography almost
   all over again,because photographing dolls is in some ways quite
   different from photographing people.They can't tilt their head to the
   side,I must do it for them,and they tend to have one expression.So I
   had to learn how to make it seem different by using lighting and
   camera angle.

 JRNow,your creation on photography has focus on dolls only,or do you
     still keep doing other kind of photos,too?

 SB- I still do other kinds of photography.And I still love shooting

 JR- The scenes are something very strong on your doll photography and
     many times,watching them,we can really have the sensation of a
     movie shot sequense.This took you to development a very sensitive
     hability to create awesome dioramas, that is a proper activity of 
     some collectors.Now you're not only a great doll photographer,but 
     a sensitive doll diorama's artist...tell us a little about that,

 SB- I'm so glad you said that my dolly scenes are like movies.That is
     exactly what I want!I do not have much space to set up a scene,to
     build a diorama, so every diorama is set up in the same small spot.
     That means they must be able to be taken apart and put together 
     fairly quickly.Some diorama artists take as long as a year
     (sometimes longer)to build a scene,but I have too many pictures I
     want to take to be that patient and too many different scenes I
     want set.While I try to aim for a sense of movement like a movie in 
     the photographs,in the dioramas,I look more toward the theatre for
     inspiration in quick scene changes.All my backgrounds are flat,may
     serve as more than one room.I really try to keep my dioramas
     simple,to suggest that there is more present than is actually there
     to keep my set up time to a minimum. 

JR- You told us you started collecting dolls and put in development
    your art on doll photography five years ago.I personaly started
    collecting three years ago and exactly because of my collection 
    I also started on photography.
    How do you see this growing interest for what,we already can define
    as a doll culture created world wide,mostly in this last five years
    by the adult collectors?

SB- One of the things I find interesting,is that fashion doll collectors 
    and artists are starting to intersect with action figure collectors
    and kitbashers.More fashion doll collectors are buying action
    figures like Hot Toys Chris Redfield,while I see many people who
    traditionally buy Hot Toys and Cy Girls,now looking at Fashion
    Royalty and Barbie(although usually swapping Barbie's head onto a
    more articulated body).The hobby has a lot of room for people with
    every sort of special interest,from re-painting to clothes making;
    to diorama building to story-telling. 
    In the area of photography,a basic fashion shoot for dolls requires
    a slightly different skill set than a story-telling diorama shot,
    just as it would when working with full size people.The hobby offers
    so many ways to be creative,it's not surprising that it's growing.

JR- Sydnee we are getting on the end of our intervew,I would like to
    thank you so much for your gently,for your talent,and for share a
    little of your time with me to the CLICKING DOLLS blog.
    And as a last question I would like to know:
    You made a transformation by your knowing of photography since you
    started using doll for your captures.
    Do you believe the opposite can well happen?
    Someone that use to capture dolls in portraits,has a chance to do
    good photos from real people?

SB- The principles are very much the same.Photography is ultimately 
    about light and shadow.Dolls being smaller,light affects them
    differently.The more you know about photography in general such
    as the effects of ISO settings,shutter speed,aperture,and so on,
    the better your photos will be,regardless of your subject.
    You do not need a DSLR to take great pictures,but you should have a
    camera with manual settings so you can control the camera,rather
    than relying strictly on auto settings.
JR- Once Again,Sydnee BeeTHANK YOU SO MUCH!