sexta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2015



Infelizmente com o passar do tempo,o blog vem deixando de ser o local ideal para o acompanhamento de meu trabalho com as fotografias,justamente pela configuração de visibilidade deste tipo de plataforma,que torna difícil ver as publicações mais antigas.
Assim,enquanto não tenho o site correto como minha nova casa,desde o ano passado,estou apresentando meu trabalho(de forma diferente)
no INSTAGRAM.Tem um perfil,lá?Então,siga-me,e ganhe melhor visibilidade para toda minha produção.
Espero todos vocês!Obrigado!


Unfortunately over time,the blog is leaving to be the ideal place for following my work with the doll photography,just for the visibility settings of this kind of platform,that makes it difficult to see the older publications.
While I still have not the correct website as my new home,I decided,since last year,to present my work (in a different way)on INSTAGRAM.Has a profile there? Then,follow me,and get better visibility for all my production.
I'm waiting on you all!Thank You!

4 comentários:

  1. I hope you still post for those of us who don't have instagram!!

    1. Grandmommy!
      Thank,you so much for your new visit,kindness and comment.
      I'll keep my postings and friends on here,too!I like this place very much (it was/is my first home).
      The Instagram is olny a different way/place to share my pictures.
      I'm glad of my friends on here!!
      "See you" soon!!

  2. Me too! Please don't forget us non-social media people. Lol!

    1. Hi,Georgia!!
      "Keep calm" I'll be (happy) around here on Blogger!!
      As I said to Grandmommy,I just have on Instagram another possibility to share my pictures,but the settings on there never let me show my pictures in their original size...I must to cut it for each it's OK my it's still not as here...Well, even if I create a website for my pictures I'll try to keep this space just because of you all, and the support you gave me through all this time...
      Thank You!!"See" You Soon!!