terça-feira, 9 de junho de 2015



Enquanto a nova postagem,aqui,no blog está sendo preparada,vocês podem conhecer outras imagens nem sempre publicadas por aqui.
Grande parte da produção em doll photography realizada ao longo desses 6 anos,está também no INSTAGRAMAcompanhe!

Até Breve!

While the new posting,here,on the blog is being prepared,you can also know some other images,not always published on here.A great part of this doll photography production,among this last six years,
is also on INSTAGRAMFollow Me There,Too!

See You,Soon!


4 comentários:

  1. I am not on Instagram. No plans to open an account there.


    1. Hi,Friend Debbie!!
      Maybe specially for your job Instagram can sounds not exactly interesting just because is a site more for pictures than for text or informations.I perct understand your point about it...but if someday you open an account o there...please join me!Hugs My Friend!!

  2. I am not on Instagram either, but I am on Pinterest. Are you there as well? There are many "Jorge Ramirez," there, but I did not recognize you among them.

    Best, Dana

    1. Hi,Dana!
      It's a pleasure have your comment!Yes I'm already there!You just must to click on the link above the image and you'll be redirect to my page/profile.I'm as CLICKING DOLLS.It's gonna be a pleasure have you also on there!!Be Welcome!!


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