quarta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2015


Hello Friends!

This Is Just A Short,But Important Notice For All The Followers:

From here,the blog will be written in english!
Since I have as most of my followers people who speak english and are exactly those people that show interest and kindness,always letting a comment and participating.
Since last year,I also started working as an english instructor,I think will be a good news for everybody,to know that won't be necessary anymore use the translation for this difficult language that is portuguese LOL!

I ask sorry for anticipation if you read some english mistake,but please,be sure that I will give my best trying not to do it.

                                                  SEE YOU SOON!

___________________________ JorgeRamiro.

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  1. I am so happy to read this great news, Jorge. Sometimes the Portuguese-English translation falls short of conveying what you actually wrote, but I am able to translate it in my mind. It will be so nice to read your thoughts in English from this moment forward. Thank you!


    1. Debbie,Thank You So Much For Your Encouragement!
      I'm glad you like it!
      I was thinking that maybe the language could be a reason for me, to still have few followers or keep for a long time only 119 followers.
      Portuguese is a difficult language and as you said the translation sometimes (or always,LOL!) show not my thinking.
      All my followers are so kind,so patient,so participative,I thought I could return something simple (even if I commit some english mistakes LOL) to offer to you all, a little more comfort reading my posts...
      Let's see what happen LOL!!

  2. This is great news Jorge, although I had no problem with translating.

    P.S. I love the picture up top of the group of dolls. Will you please show the in a post? They are lovely!

    1. Thank You,Georgia Girl!!
      As I said to Debbie,I thought I could offer to you all, always so kind and patient with my blogger way (LOL!), some kin of comfort reading my posts.Even if I commit some english mistake...
      I'll dedicate (as soon as possible) a posting showing better this amazing ladies especially to you.But this is not exactly a new picture...If I'm not wrong it's from 2010...
      See you soon!!( And Thank You,Once Again!!)

  3. How exciting! I applaud you for this brave new adventure. We are with you 100%

    1. Vanessa,my friend!
      I'm so happy having a new visit from you, and exactly showing me,your encouragement!! Thank you so much!! Let's see what happen...LOL!!
      I need to look around your postings.Soon I'm going for a visit!!
      Take A Hug,My Friend!!

  4. That's great, I'm portuguese but I can't read portuguese very well!

    1. Ginger Lola! BE WELCOME!!
      I'm glad to know that even being you portuguese, I'll not lose your attention if writing in english.This truly makes me happy.Thank you so much for your participation and support.

  5. Oie! Pra mim qualquer uma das duas línguas tá bom XD~ Manda ver!

    1. Lorena,
      Eu não tenho "seguidores" brasileiros.Você é minha única "braslian supporter"! Então decidi ser coerente com meus atingimentos no Universo Doll e dar um conforto pra quem tem o trabalho de dedicar alguns minutos à minhas postagens...

  6. Good for you! It will be a big difference for me to read you in english,not in the flawed google translation. :)
    Also, congrats on the new job!

    1. I'm glad to know that!
      You can start feeling more confortble by the new posts already in english!
      BE WELCOME!!


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