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August was for me a very busy month,and I realy had not chance to make any posting,even having a new doll on the Collection.
MAX,this new doll,is a Catching Fire Finnick Doll and he became a great surprise.In 2013,when the Catching Fire dolls was released,in a first moment I adored the promotional images of Finnick,but after that,observing the images of the doll by the worldwide collector's photos,I thought him a little bit ugly,or weird,or also as a kind of "Harley Ken Mold" bad version.So,I decided to choose Peeta,as the new option for a "boy".

I remember seeing first images of Peeta on ALL4BARBIE Martha's blog and it made my decision to forget Finnick and search for an opportunity to bring Peeta for the collection...and I did it.On early 2014,Peeta(that I named TIM)came among my dolls.I often kept seeing some pictures of Finnick on internet,never understanding how far he could be,from the promotional images of Mattel,to the real pictures on internet.
Also by this time I was sure that DON,my first articulated Ken playline Fashionista(2009),was not anymore in harmony by my others Kens,almost all them,Collectors.I could not make him a close up capture,without feel that his face doesn't really work for some good "expressions". So,DON was out of the collection!That was the time I thought could be maybe interesting to make a bet on Finnick even still thinking of him as an weird guy (LOL).And I started staying tuned for an opportunity to find one, by a good price.
Through my friend Alê Fiocco,it was possible,exactly in August.When I had the boy in hands,I felt so glad to have taken the decision to buy one.In hands,he wasn't exactly as I saw on his pictures.
I felt I had a challenge to try overcome:the ambition to realize better images of him than the ones I saw and that left me this impression of an ugly doll.After some tries,and after give him a new way by his hair,it was time to find a good natural light,to capture him.Well,the results are  exactly what I share here with all of you.
These are just the first images of MAX.Looking ahead for more and more pictures with this hot,surprising boy.

                     INTRODUCING MAX

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Hello Friends!

This Is Just A Short,But Important Notice For All The Followers:

From here,the blog will be written in english!
Since I have as most of my followers people who speak english and are exactly those people that show interest and kindness,always letting a comment and participating.
Since last year,I also started working as an english instructor,I think will be a good news for everybody,to know that won't be necessary anymore use the translation for this difficult language that is portuguese LOL!

I ask sorry for anticipation if you read some english mistake,but please,be sure that I will give my best trying not to do it.

                                                  SEE YOU SOON!

___________________________ JorgeRamiro.

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Hello Friends!

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Debbie Garrett of Black Doll Collecting

The rules of acceptance are the follows:

.Post The Awards On Your Blog;
.Thank The Blogger Who Presented This Award,And Link Back To Their 
 Blog - Thank You,Debbie!I'm glad and appreciate the nomination.(See the link to her blog in green above!)

.Write 11 Random Facts About Yourself

01- This Is My First Liebster Award
02- I Was Born In Rio De Janeiro,Brasil
03- But Since 2000 I Live In São Paulo,Brasil
04- I Believe In Doll Collecting As A Peace Culture
05- 2009 Was The Year I Started As A Collector
06- I Am A Collage Artist!
07- I Love Fine Arts      
08- Black And Red Are Often My Favorite Colors For Clothes And Shoes
09- Christie/Asha Is The Most Lovely Head Mold For AA Dolls
10- Summer Is Not My Favorite Time Of The Year
11- Wine Is The Perfect Drink For Any Ocasions

The Rules Continued:

* Nominate 11 Blogs Who You Feel Deserve This Award,And Who Has Less
  Than 200 Followers.
I only can nominate three blogs.They Are: Dolldom ; Royalty.Girl ; LindosSonhosDourados

*Answer 11 Question Posted By The Presenter And Ask Your Nominees 11

01- How Did You Become A Blogger? 
    It happened just for trying to create a space to share my 
    photos,my tries on doll photography and my impressions of the
    doll culture.
02- What Was Your Favorite Subject In School And Why?
    Portuguese,my language,because since I was a child,
    I already had a good interest for communication and expression.

03- You Can Be Any Doll You Want,Brought To Life.Wich Doll Are You 
    And Why? 
    Probably I could be happy as "NIKKI TOP MODEL"
   (LOL),definitely the most beautiful doll face I
    ever saw.
04- What's The Coolest Story Ever Connected To
    Your Blog? 
    Have been the inspiration for Debbie Garrett
    make in 2011 the debox of her Celebrate Disco
    Doll.So I realized the power of the Internet
    and made a dear friend for now only virtual,
    but not less very welcome. 
05- What's Your All Time Favorite Movie?
    I cannot choose only one!
    It's impossible,by this time,I'll make mention
    to "GREASE" one of my favorite musicals.
06- What Do You Do When You're Not Blogging? I recently decided to
   give myself less obligation in posting.Just for enjoy others
   aspects of life I do it now only when I have something that can
   be a good news,a good try on my photos...
07- What Are Your Grail Dolls/Action Figures? Nikki Top Model!
08- Wich Three Countries Or Cities Would You Like To Visit?
    USA,France and Japan
09- Is There A Project You Dream Or Accomplishing?
     YES!!But I believe is better keep a certain secret about some
     projects...LOL,that's why I can't tell you it by now...
10- What Your Favorite Foods? Italian and Japanese!
11- Any Tips You Could Give Future Bloggers? Pay attention to the
     message your content could offer to the world by now.People are
     searching for things to help them to keep some hope.Be kind,be

For The Three Blogs I Nominated,I Ask To Answer Exactly The Same Questions I Answered To Debbie Garrett

domingo, 4 de outubro de 2015



Nina,my Cali Girl Christie,as Tammie (my Celebrate Disco Doll),had to wait about five years for a rebody.Just because it's not easy to find a matched skin tone,as it's not easy to find it by a good price.But suddenly,the unexpected can happen and bring good transformation for some of our beloved dolls.
That's for sure the case of Nina.
She is very special!Has some of the most lovely faces that I ever saw on a doll,an awesome hairstyling,and definitely she needed an articulated body.Even because she has an articulated doll partner as boyfriend.Now she's ready for better pictures,better style and a better interaction with his partner.As soon as possible,she will be back in her first photoshoot with Nil,her boy.

    I Hope You All Enjoy This News About Nina!