segunda-feira, 19 de outubro de 2015



I had on a recent posting,an enthusiastic comment from an enthusiastic follower,about a picture where is possible to see five stunning dolls.
In her comment,Georgia Girl,always very kind,and very participative,asks for an opportunity to see better this picture,done in the middle of 2010,when I was celebrating the acquisition of this new five black DIVAS,putting all them together for the first(and last)time,for a capture.With these "girls",I was also completing a number in terms of black dolls.They already were ten,and the picture Georgia did mention is exactly of the second group.

I'm happy to dedicate this post to Georgia also because this is one of my favorites doll photos,and it's interesting realize that even being not a new photography(made five years ago),it still can call attention for someone.Some people,maybe,couldn't have seen this image,when posted for the first time.But the main reason for a re-post,it's just by the opportunity to create a direct dialogue with a follower.
Georgia is a great presence on my blog since I started sharing my doll photographies here on Blogger.And I thank for all her support and kindness.I don't have many followers,but I'm sure I have the best.When the subject are people,numbers definitely don't have any importance.


It's difficult resist to the enchantment of the outfits,shoes and acessories that turn the dolls in DIVAS.But,as someone that have a certain search after all this time,working with dolls,I always felt interested on a casual look for my doll cast,as a representation of common peeple,by the streets of any big city.
For sure,in elegant style,but looking different of the "Red Carpet Moods".Even the anti-Divas style,sometimes could say more than the high production. 
After five years,I'm considering a change,a surprise,a new way to create good pictures,a little less involved,by the 1:6 doll's industry.At the moment,I'm not fighting against doll's stuff,but I'm trying to let my mind be able to overcome the natural seduction for miniatures and use the dolls in no obvious way.At the same time,I don't know when or how all the informations I have,will show me this new expected direction...
I confess,sometimes it brings me some worry.Maybe,just for that,I keep my eyes watchful for everything somehow could represents an inspiration or a direction.I hope I could really 
find it...

     Thank You,Georgia!This Post Is For You!