segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2015


Hi There,Friends!
Today is a very special day!
CLICKING DOLLS celebrates five years on internet.And it's awesome having your visit today!Well,we could say we have a history together,and this year is twice special for me,being also the year of my 50th anniversary.In the last five years,through these little amazing creatures of plastic,I could keep my spirit even more youthful than everybody already say I have.Dolls and their universe,connect us on a peace culture.You can't never hold this universe with anger and stress by your mind or heart.So,I'm very happy for this double celebration.
Of course,it was not always simple keeping the mind on the blog and give some attention to all the other calls and aspects of life.For that reason,many times I had to be out,posting less than in other moments,but always keeping my heart and mind for the returning moment.And it was so glad find out that you all were here waiting and supporting me on my personal moments.All I have to say for you all is:THANK YOU!THANK YOU!THANK YOU!
The idea to be able to bring a smile on your face or some good thinking to your mind by my pictures,make you all,really important to me,exactly as do of this job,something still warm on my heart.
I really do love photographing!
Along all November,the postings,will keep us in the mood of this celebration of our first five years together.So we gonna have what to see,what enjoy and remember.As a start we gonna see some of the best moments of celebration in these five years of activity.Stay tuned for many more,also as a celebration!
                        THANK YOU,SO MUCH!


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