sexta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2016



It's time to celebrate our hopes in the new year,and say goodbye to this difficult year all over the globe and especially in Brazil.
But I think it's very important think about a new year as a brand new opportunity to keep our eyes opened to the possibilities to build new things and most of all,even by this time of human history,keep the hope.

To send to all of you my wishes of a great 2016,in this last post of the year and already keeping a certain tradition of New Year's eve posting,here on Clicking Dolls,I introduce JAY R. 
My first contemporary black boy of Integrity Toys.
I have from this factory,a Tariq doll,that has an amazing face and a terrible body and none articulation (LOL!).I spent a great time searching for an opportunity to get a DARIUS (I still have him as a great wish) for me,but until these days I had no lucky. But suddenly, I had in this end of year, a magical chance to put this hot boy on my collection.

Jay R. is in the truth a 2015 Cinematic Convention Exclusive Doll - Tobias Alford.The Convention was held in last october.
And by the talented brazilian seller Luiz Schmidt owner of the virtual store Doll Collector.Com I could, for the first time acquire a doll at the same time it was released.
 A chance I never had before.For someone who lives out of USA is difficult get some dolls,and especially if the doll comes from a factory that doesn't exist out of USA as Integrity Toys. So in the case of Tobias, I had Lucky and I'm pretty happy with him. A hot guy,easy to photograph since he is absolutely handsome and expressive.With my last photos of 2015 I just want to say you all:


                               INTRODUCING: JAY R.

                                        HAPPY NEW YEAR!

domingo, 27 de dezembro de 2015



When I decided to change my red hair doll,for another,with a different style of head mold, I had no idea that still could be possible to find the stunning Louboutin(RED CARPET LOOK).
She is obviously a beauty,and I'm very happy to had taken the decision to really make this change.
Even in the time of Sírian(my first ginger doll-Summer Top Model-),I always thought about a re-body for her. 
In her case,trying to convince myself that she could really be a better doll.But when I had Sybil in hands,this intention became a necessity exactly for her beauty.It took almost one year,since I bought her in last december,to find only a month ago a nude Barbie Elvis,for the re-body.I confess I had some trouble doing the operation.Something was not working as usual and I felt worried and afraid to break the head pin of the doll's body...but,once again,the "gods of the ludic" said Ok!And finally,we have one more "girl",
ready for the movements.

Hope you all enjoy her as I'm doing now.
Thank you for the visit!
See you soon!!