sexta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2016



It's time to celebrate our hopes in the new year,and say goodbye to this difficult year all over the globe and especially in Brazil.
But I think it's very important think about a new year as a brand new opportunity to keep our eyes opened to the possibilities to build new things and most of all,even by this time of human history,keep the hope.

To send to all of you my wishes of a great 2016,in this last post of the year and already keeping a certain tradition of New Year's eve posting,here on Clicking Dolls,I introduce JAY R. 
My first contemporary black boy of Integrity Toys.
I have from this factory,a Tariq doll,that has an amazing face and a terrible body and none articulation (LOL!).I spent a great time searching for an opportunity to get a DARIUS (I still have him as a great wish) for me,but until these days I had no lucky. But suddenly, I had in this end of year, a magical chance to put this hot boy on my collection.

Jay R. is in the truth a 2015 Cinematic Convention Exclusive Doll - Tobias Alford.The Convention was held in last october.
And by the talented brazilian seller Luiz Schmidt owner of the virtual store Doll Collector.Com I could, for the first time acquire a doll at the same time it was released.
 A chance I never had before.For someone who lives out of USA is difficult get some dolls,and especially if the doll comes from a factory that doesn't exist out of USA as Integrity Toys. So in the case of Tobias, I had Lucky and I'm pretty happy with him. A hot guy,easy to photograph since he is absolutely handsome and expressive.With my last photos of 2015 I just want to say you all:


                               INTRODUCING: JAY R.

                                        HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  1. My, my, my! Jay R is HOT!!!!! :-) I LOVE your pictures! Very nice!! The clothing choices are perfect for him and he looks super fine in white. Congratulations on getting him!

    Happy New Year my friend!!!

    1. Hey,Georgia!!
      I'm Loving My New Boy!!He is so "sexy" and "sweet" at the same time.Thank you so much for the comment of my pictures! I'm sure I'll take lot of them with Jay.
      HAPPY NEW YEAR,My Friend!For you and all the family!!<3

  2. Awesome photos, what a fabulous doll! Happy New Year Jorge!

    1. Hey,Linda!!
      HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I'm so glad,I Have Him,Linda!!He was my only self X-mas gift.But definitely he was worth!!
      Thanks for coming!!Let's go along 2016!!

  3. Nossa mas que bonitão hein! *o* Ainda não tenho nenhum male IT. Quem sabe um dia... Sobre o Tariq, fiquei perplexa, não sabia que a IT fazia dolls que NÃO fossem articulados... que droga hein.

    1. Oi,Lolo!
      Ele é!Um encanto!Vale a pena incluir alguns meninos IT em sua coleção.Alguns deles são muito especiais.Outros são meio bizarros(LOL)! Hoje,creio que a Integrity Toys não produza mais bonecos sem articualção.O Tariq é um antigo boneco da fábrica.
      Até as Basic Edition hoje são completamente articuladas.
      E queria muito saber ou poder realizar um re-body pro TOM (meu Tariq),mas jamais soube de alguém que tivesse feito essa operação com IT dolls...

  4. Happy new year. I'm so glad you were able to get Tobias excuse me Jay R. He looks fabulous :O)

    1. Thank you,Anika!! - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
      He was really expensive,but he is a cute and I lost my opportunities to get a Darius and all the other handsomes afro dolls from Integrity Toys.I'm glad I could find one for me!!

  5. One of my mottos is: Better late than never.

    Yes, I am late reading and commenting on this post but I wanted it to have my complete devotion. This year has been quite hectic for me and my attention has been focused on other things that are not doll related. I have even allowed my own writings to fall behind on my Black Doll Collecting Blog and doll-buying has definitely been placed on the back burner for a while as I reevaluate things and place things into perspective according to their importance.

    With that said, I am glad I waited to read this post so I could fully absorb the words you wrote and sentiments you expressed. Most of all, I am delighted you took the time to share Jay R. with us. He is absolutely drop dead gorgeous, but the way you have styled him accentuates his good looks.

    I love the two fashion selections chosen for Jay R. Your photos of him are perfect as usual!

    Thank you, Jorge!

    Happy belated New Year to you!

    A woman of her word; if I say I am going to do a thing, I do it.

    1. Thanks,Debbie!
      Feel free to visit or post a comment on "CLICKING DOLLS",when you want,or when possible for you to do it.Obligation in certain cases,goes against spontaneity.And there's nothing better than spontaneity!