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2014 was an year where I gave an special,attention to my male dolls. And I did find,for some of them,new articulated bodies,organizing this way,my boys,letting all them articulated.The exception,is a great trouble:
"Tariq" Integrity  Toys.
In the truth,Tariq has in  
my opinion a more beautiful face than Darius Reid (still on  my wish list),this,
created no shadow of doubt,by his inspiration.
The interest,talking about Darius,is the body,all articulated,and,Ok,a charming face,too.
In terms of Tariq,he has the worse body(LOL)I ever seen for a doll.It's simply impossible create something good on his body,except,hide it.But,anyway all my boys now are defined as articulated,and that was the investment of 2014.

2015,brought a great surprise,being possible to free,five beloved dolls from their condition of Model Muses.It's a great number!
Especially because it was not planned.The opportunities were happening,in good moments to make it real.As result:smiles and satisfaction.Tammie,was finally a great pleasure!Never could accept the idea of a "Disco Doll" without movement...but her "skin tone" it's not easy for an articulated re-body.The same with Nina,"Cali Girl",and this kept her,for years,waiting the right moment...only some months ago,it happened.And Sybil,well,everybody already know how hot she is in new body.

But the most surprising,was the possibility to make a changing with another collector on a group of Facebook,interested in model muse bodies,giving in change,articulated collector bodies,well,it was the chance for Marie and Carla,this last,also spent a horrible time waiting for the chance to move.After all,it was not easy to find a body in her very special skin tone.One thing,I have as sure,they needed really to move.And for my interest on photography,this is a very important aspect.The chance to give them expression,hold attention and enchant by the movement.
Let's see what happen in 2016.Don't you think they deserved that?




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  1. Congrats on getting all your articulated bodies. Poor Tariq. My Darius took offense to your comments about his face. Don't worry. I told him he was just as beautiful. He's okay now. Lol. Your photos of Marie and Carla are so captivating!

    1. LOL!!Vanessa,Darius is an awesome handsome boy.And I want one on my collection. I'll do my best to make 2016 the year of Darius!! Say your boy, that his brother Tariq, has almost the same face and the differences just make them both hot guys.I'm glad you like the photos of these girls.Thank you so much!!I'm happy seeing them moving now.Hugs,Friend!!

  2. Almost forgot... Did you see that I successfully put my Top Model Nikki on a Made to Move body?

    1. You did?!Really!!I 'm going to your blog right now!!
      Thanks for this important know how I LOVE Nikki Top Model

  3. Elas estão lindas! Adorei as botas da Marie! Tbm preciso de vários corpos articulados, tanto belly button quanto pivotais XD~ Eita essa vida de colecionador!

    1. Oi,Lolo!
      Essas botas infelizmente estão nas últimas.As comprei tem anos no tempo ainda do ORKUT mas elas foram descascando atrás no vestir e já tentei sem sucesso reparar.Mas as "meninas" me agradaram bastante em seus novos corpos!!Obrigado pela nova visita!!

  4. Hi Jorge, I have Tariq too, and I too love his face but not his body (especially his arms) LOL! How did you rebody him? I would love to know!
    I have thought about rebody-ing him too, but his neck is so thick and not like newer dolls!
    Your ladies look awesome, very very elegant and chic, and I love the guitar :-).

    1. Hey,Linda!Thanks for coming!
      I didn't realize a re-body on Tariq,baby!That was what I told.Tariq became my only trouble!
      I would love to find a way for a re-body on him but exactly as you said,I think it's impossible,just for the thickness of his neck and also because I never seen a process of re-body on a Integrity Toys dolls...even in older Kens I have no idea about how to remove the head and fix it out after on a new body...well I suppose I'll never be able to transform my Tariq,maybe this conscience, keep me in faith to find a Darius for me...LOL!! Thank You,Linda!!

    2. Oh, I misunderstood, sorry! At least Tariq is very handsome, even with his arms bent all the time :-D.

    3. Oh,No Problem,Linda!
      I LOVE Tariq's face especially the details of the painting (as the red lips!).But those armas are really a mess!! LOL!!

  5. I'm letting my secret out but I did rebody one of my Tariq dolls. He's now articulated and happy. He stole his new body from one of the guys from the Kenya line. I think it was a Dwayne doll. Make sure you get the articulated one. There are 2 versions of the dolls on the market

    1. OMG!!
      I'm so glad by the revelation of your Tariq's secret!
      Thank you so much!This dolls "Kenya Line" is it easy to discover the trade mark of the dolls?
      And I have just one question more (I'll write you a message on FLICKr!) - Thank You Thank You Thank You!!


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