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It's funny how we can have a certain affection for symbols or representations.Dolls,for sure,are a mark of a time in our lives,and it's not so easy give up on some of them.
Ali,my Pop Life Christie,had not a great time among the doll cast,but even having,after all,a different aspect,she brought enchantment and charm for the collection,and being an iconic black doll,I'd like to give her my homage through a brief retrospect of her best moments in front of my lens.
She's(her head,I say...LOL!)now going to Bahia,"to live" with other dolls...
Her body,you know,gives now,life for the stunning Dorah.
This,a doll that I don't pretend to give up so early!!

*A CuriosityAli and Dorah,never had together in neither picture,
during all of this time...

                   BYE BYE,ALI,BYE BYE!

2013,In My First Photo(And Dolls)Exhibition

With Her Dog,Now,Of Dorah...

                           Reveillon 2012

2016,A Head For Sale (Sold!)

6 comentários:

  1. These photos of Ali are beautiful. Nice tribute to her. So long Ali. I hope you are happy in your new home (or at least your head is!)

    1. Phyllis!
      LOL!!Love your comment!
      Thank you for the kind words and this high sense of humor.
      I appreciate that!!

  2. Beautiful tribute to Ali!! I love your photography! Beautiful shots especially the black and white pics. They are awesome my friend!

    1. Georgia!!
      Always a pleasure having your visit!
      Ali spents few time among the doll cast,but she was very important till I discover that my collectio is acquiring an hyper realistic aspect by the pieces,and she was not anymore harmonized with them...Thanks for your usual warm words about my pictures!All My Loving!!

  3. I have had the same relationship with this doll. I have one more but she may be (her head) leaving again. It's always fun reminiscing over dolls we have had and choose to let someone else have a chance to love them :O)

    1. Hi,Anika!
      I'm in a process of reformulation of my dolls,while my interest and sense of photograph calls for movement and expression of the pieces I have.I'm letting behind,also,the mistakes of head molds(as Pop Life Christie)because my collection have now a hyper realistic aspect and photography,show us exactly the main details of a doll head...


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