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"ARCANUM",it's the name of a project that I'm putting in development for another project,of a great and very talented artist,that made me an invitation to have participation with my work with dolls and photography.
I was searching for another way to build images with dolls.Searching for a change,but I couldn't find the way,the proposal and an appropriate theme for this new moment.Many of this images come on my mind when I had the privilege to watch parts of this great video collage that compose the artist's project.At the same time I discovered beautiful images studying again the symbol's history,the symbol and mythology.
And then I found the theme,the atmosphere and from where I must to go on with my research. The result of all this come with "ARCANUM".That means secret,the unrevealed.And for build this atmosphere,I promote some important changes.What's in scene are the dolls,their "expressions",eyes,elements and lights that bring expression for this kind of told story.But no with the amazing and rich details of Vanessa Morrinson's novels,that I love so much.But as portraits,just to keep my focus on this kind of photography.
Max,one of my recent dolls,proved how expressive he can be,and also solved a certain mistery that I always had,looking at him...
At the end,I'll tell you...
Hope you enjoy Max return on "ARCANUM"!
Thank You!

  Now,The Secret:

Since I Bought This Doll,I Always Noticed He Reminds Me Someone That I Could Not Remember Clearly Who. Well,Someday,After Watching An Episode Of American Horror Story "HOTEL",I Finally Identified The Same Face Of The Doll On MATT BOMER's Face.The Famous Actor And Finnick Doll,Keep Extreme Similarity.At Least,To My Eyes,That Could Finally Relax When Looking At The Doll's Face- LOL -

                    Don't You Think They Look Alike?

                              (Photos Of Matt Bomer Taken By The Internet)

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  1. I think these pictures show your evolution as an artist, the dolls collection became the better way to express yourself.

    1. Thank you so much,my friend!
      Once again I'm glad to have your warm words in a posting that surprised me having no comments since I post it.


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