terça-feira, 1 de março de 2016



Good to be here again! 
Recently,in a comment,"Grandmommy",one of my dedicated followers,made an appeal for me,to share my black red hair Diva GILDA REESE
Well,we were in december.After that,I had an invitation to participate on a visual art project created by a very talented artist of photography here in Brasil.I'll talk more about the project and the artist author,in the appropriate occasion.But in fact,after the selection of my dolls included in this project,I started doing my research about the atmosphere I was interested to explore in this job.And started working on the pictures.
The point,in this production is the symbol,the myth and a certain opacity,that takes off,from the dolls,the fashion aspect.
This is not about clothes.It's about expression,power of expression and a symbolic thematic,that validates some iconic objects,held up by the dolls.
There are ten dolls in this project,and I'm very happy by the results I achieved.GILDA REESE,exactly her,that I had the intention to bring back to the clicks,was one of the best results for the project and I'm so glad with "her performance"(LOL!),that I decided to bring her back,here in the blog,introducing exactly the photo session for this new job.
She appears as a hot witch,saving the mysteries of the crystal ball.
Forward,as soon as possible, I'll talk more about this Art Project and indicate more details and informations about the other dolls in the project. 
I Let All Of You With:

                 GILDA REESE as
                                          The Witch 

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  1. She is absolutely gorgeous! I have a weakness for dolls with "teeth". Her hair is luxurious and her face sculpt is awesome! Thanks for sharing her with us. I look forward to seeing more of her in the future.

    1. Hey,Grandmommy!
      I'm glad you were the first to let a comment.
      I did remember a lot of you,when for a coincidence I was exactly taking the pictures of one the models chosen for this project,and she was none other than my Dynamite Girl.
      Thanks for coming!!

  2. You've done it again. You are the master at taking dolls I have no desire for, and turning them into doll must haves. She is gorgeous. This is the best I've seen her hair. Thanks for letting me know this post was up.

    1. LOL!!
      Thanks For Accept My Invitation,Friend Vanessa!
      These pictures really gave me the sensation of something well achieved. And I'm glad to share this with you!!
      By the way,put a Reese Dynamite on your 2016 wish list!!

  3. Hello from Spain: Gilda is a very attractive witch. I really like the color of her hair. Great photos, as usual. In the coming days I will post in my blog post dedicated to you. You deserve to be well known in the world blogger. Your work is sublime. Keep in touch

    1. Marta!Gracias!Good having your visit on this post!!
      I appreciate your kind help giving your support for me,to have a little more followers, dedicating a posting about my blog.
      Let me know when you'll do it,Ok?
      Thank You,Thank You Thank You!!

  4. Respostas
    1. Hey,My Sweet Friend!!
      Did you see?There's something that also comes,as inspiration,from your amazing doll's pictures.I'm glad to have you here an d glad I've enjoyed it!!Kisses,Baby!