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This,is probably the most controversial release of the last years in the dolly world.And not without reasons.
 © Mattel's Publicity

The Stephen Burrows'dolls had not the same reception and acceptance than other dolls of great names of Fashion,celebrated by Mattel.
Alazne(a 2012 release),the second Burrows' doll,was the most criticized of the two others,the first release and the last one.
The highest point about her,comes from the surpriseingly absurd idea from Mattel,that made a hole in the top of the head of a golden label doll,just to hold on it a fashion helmet.
Everybody knows that Mattel do repetedly,lots of mistakes,that the quality of their products is something that we can often suspect,but in that case,what happened was a show of stupidity and lack of respect by the customers.
The Awful Hole!
Anyway,despite of the very annoyed reactions from the public around the world(mostly from those that discovered the trouble of the hole after buying the doll),if we forget about this point and observe the doll in itself,we can find(if we open our minds!)a gorgeous bald black doll.No,that this had been the intention of Mattel,but... there's something we can do for a change on this beautiful face!

That was my personal choice!I was not mistaken,
when I bought my Alazne,that I call SHANTY,and the hole trouble,was a challenge,that came with  the doll in itself.
 I thought it could be a great chance to create my  first doll flocking.The opportunity came at the  same time it was possible to find the flock on  sale by some handcraft stores in São Paulo.
 We were at the end of 2014,and I believe that it  was not possible to find flock for sale here,
 before 2012 or 2013.So,the moment couldn't be  better for my first try.
 Even having only some days ago the time for this  try.I followed the indications of the Emilia's  tutorial on Flickr to make it,and I discovered that it's something really simple to do,if you obey the rules for do not touch the flock on the surface you are applying,while it's wet.That's serious!I also understood that a drawing or a painted area for you to apply the glue(before the flock),will helps a lot to do a job well finished.
For a first try I can say I'm not dissapointed with myself...
It's so nice not see anymore that hole!(LOL!)
2014 New Year's Eve

Even before the flocking,at her first appearance here on the blog,opening 2015,I believe that was possible for everybody understand how awesome she is,and how incredible is her photogenic potential.
Actually,this same photo session,it's in my opinion(exactly for the capture of her!),the best job I done on doll photography.For that reason and for all the controversy around the release of this golden lable doll,I took the decision to keep her by now as the only muse among my pieces.Inspiring me with her exotic beautiful face,her elegance and the head now as it should be:without a incomprehensible hole and ready for captures,no matter the angle!

All about the choice of Shanty,as her name,it's gonna be told soon,
when I'll introduce the new "girl":Veroque!

Once Again All My Thanks For Your Attention!



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  1. Well, you did an awesome job! You can't even tell there was a hole in her head! What did you use to fill in the hole? I have admired this doll from afar, but I was worried about her head piece and wasn't sure how they had attached it. You definitely have made her more desireable!

    1. Phyllis,
      Thanks for the encouragement!
      I'm excited with this possibility of flocking heads.
      To cover the hole in the head,I used a tape to seal boxes,I'm not sure about the specifc name in english...Sorry!But a small part used in two layers solved the trouble of the cavity.
      Thanks for your lovely words!

  2. Shanty is absolutely beautiful!! You did an awesome job on her flocking! As always, your pictures are fabulous! Very nice post!! I always get excited when I see a post from you because I know that you will bring it!

    Happy Holidays my friend!

    1. Sweet Georgia!
      You know how to make yourself close,even being far(in distance!)
      Thanks for keep your eyes(and heart!)here on the blog!
      Happy Holidays For You And All Your Family!
      (But I Guess We "See" Each Other By Here Soon!)

  3. You have really captured her beauty. Your first flocking turned out really good.

    1. Brini!
      Thank you very much!
      Actually this is a very photogenic doll,and that is exactly a great reason to give her a chance.I know there are other versions of this face mold,but in my opinion, this is the most beautiful.I'm glad you enjoy the posting!

  4. Wow! That's what I love so much about your photos. You always make me take a second look at a doll. I never gave this doll a second glance, but thanks to you, I can see just how gorgeous she is. Excellent job on the flocking!

    1. Friend Vanessa!

      It's so good when can understand yourself able to change something or make sensitive people pay attention in something you do. I feel happy to know my pleasure in taking pictures can touch someone as you,that I admire so much...

      Thank you so much,my friend! And keep an eye opened for this beautiful girl,she could suits very nicely on your amazing dolls' characters.

  5. She looks stunning flocked, I think we should have more flocked and short hair dolls.

    1. Rafael!
      It's awesome to have you back on here,my friend!
      I totally agree with you!There's a doll hair culture always privileging the long hair,but flocked and short hair are awesome!!


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