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Just finishing here,what I started in the posting above.
I have three dolls whose characters are represented by more than one doll.They are:the first and very special Sheilla B,represented by three more dolls exactly alike her(Nikki Beach Fun),and two other versions for this lovely Christie/Asha head mold.The stunning Jewel Girl Christie and the Jam N'Glam Christie doll,that "does" Sheilla, in her blue pop hair mood(LOL!).

My Second Version: Sealed Lips

First Version : Re-Bodied Nikki Beach Fun ©2009

One Of The Three More Other Sheillas(This: Jewel Girl)
The cult doll Artsy(mine,got the name:Sassy) also have three other versions for the same character,just because as everybody knows it's impossible not to fall down in temptation with so many nice versions of this very popular doll.She has lots of great versions,and I consider her a necessary piece in any collection.

My Second Version 2011 (Sealed Lips)

My Third Version - 2012

The First Original Version (On My Way!) ©2009

My Fourth Version ©2013 -

The last one (until now!),is the gorgeous Raquelle(mine named:
Shyma Eve)that has three stunning versions,since the release of her first edition in 2011.I also have the red lipstick version
(2012)and the edition with the little dog.I still look for her lovely fringe hair version,in the last articulated wave of the Barbie Fashionista(2013).

Since I have tried some effects,filters and art interventions on some of my iconic doll photos,I decided to share with you,the tries I made along this year,soon arriving to its end.
I hope you enjoy it! Thank You,Once Again!
                                                                                    See You Soon!

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  1. Now that is a good idea to used multiples of the same headsculpt to represent different stylings of the same girl. I will look through my stash and see if I have an extra Raquelle with the fringe head if you are interested in just the head. If I have her, I will let you know and send you a photo of her.

    1. Phyllis!
      You are SO kind!I'm lucky to have a follower so gentle like you.Thank You So Much!
      If you want you can write me on:

      All I can say is that's awesome to have more than one doll representing the same girl in other style.
      If I was good on re-rooting or re-painting,I could try to do it in a personal way...but since my habilities for that are so bad (LOL!)...I used this alternative.
      Be Always Welcome!

  2. Beautiful dolls and photography as always! Jewel Girl is one of my favorite faces. Her hair is beautiful!!

    1. Hey,Georgia!
      Thank you!I answered you about the effects in the post above.
      This Asha/Christie head mold is one of my favorites.Always bringing a very sweet aspect to the dolls.
      Tight Hugs,My Friend!