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Hello,My Friends!

Many things happened since I started collecting fashion dolls,seven years ago.The first funny thing about it,comes exactly by the fact that I never thought it could get so far...(LOL!)
And the most recent funny thing about it,comes from the sensation that only now the playing will really starts.This because since last year,I'm organizing changes,re-bodies and detaching me of some dolls,opening that way a space for the right piece.
In the beginning of this adventure,I confess,I made some mistakes buying pieces (dolls),that only a time after,I could see as inappropriate to the style my collection was compounding.
Well,I guess it happen with many of you.So,while I was slowly resolving the mistakes and substituitions,I was also discovering and studying those that showed potential for photos and those that didn't work as well as I thought,even with those I felt something special about them.Pop Life Christie,was a case like that... 
It was not easy to make the re-body of all my dolls without articulation.First by the tone,and after for the money.It's not cheap to find articulated dolls out of line,in Brasil.And finally, because I decided to do something that I considered important:I have not hybrids!All my dolls from Mattel,have a Mattel's articulated body...this was not simple to achieve...
But,now they are almost ready for adventures,projects and lots of fun.I'm waiting for the last two articulated bodies for two dark skin divas...
With some changes and some dolls left in the past,these are the stars on the doll cast.



(A Little Bit More Of Them In The Second Part!)

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  1. What a beautiful collection! I also like the way you photographed them.

    1. Hello,My Friend!
      I'm glad you like them!
      Thank You So Much For The Encouragement!

  2. Respostas
    1. Hi,AG Lanc!
      Thank you very much!
      My pleasure having your visit at this post!
      Be always welcome! Have A Great Week!!

  3. Very nice collection! I agree with you. I want all of my dolls to have articulation. My collection is pretty large, so I do stock up on articulated bodies when there is a sale on them. I do have multiples of the MTM Mattel bodies in all skin tones and several spare Ken's on the Harley Davidson body too. Of course, these are all different characters such as Peeta, Four, Cheerlead Ken etc. I also use some Action Figure bodies and some Pure Neemo bodies for the kids.

    I love these photos! I know you are a master at styling your dolls, but the photo effects you applied are fantastic!

    1. Phyllis!
      Thank you for your visit!
      Would love to know your collection,you seem to have lots of cute dolls.Articulated dolls can express more of the human reality and by this way,I guess they become more fun and interesting.Especially when doing photos,the movement is very important,helping us to create better poses and body expressions.In Brasil is very difficult to find Action Figures,but I'll probably get one,some day,for my collection.
      I'm happy to have your visit!
      A Nice Week To You!!Thanks Again!!

    2. Phillis,

      I forgot to thank you for your kind words about my job with the dolls and about these effects.I'm glad you enjoy it!
      I spend a part of this year (almost at its end!) trying new possibilities for some photos this is the first time I show it in public.Thanks for the encouragement! (And thanks for the help with Raquelle's head...)

  4. Your dolls and photography are beautiful!!! I love the effects! I was very excited to see a post from you! What app did you use to make them?

    1. Hi,My Friend!
      I'm glad to have your visit!
      I did these effects by a mix of layers on PicMonkey,
      Picasa,Prisma and the controlers of light,shadows and contrast of Picture Manager by the Windows Office.
      I spent all the year,making my tries on some of my portarits of the cast.I'm glad you like it!!Thanks for coming!


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