sábado, 19 de março de 2016


I could not accept the fact that recently I was able to create re-bodies for five of my dolls,and Dorah,my most beautiful black doll,was still on the inexpressive Model Muse body. By many and many times,I thought about it,having the strange sensation that I would not find a body for her. When something keeps on my head... I have to resolve it,but I really could not find the way,till I decide organize my dolls box.
Observing one by one and understanding the transformations my doll collection passed through this last three years,I decided to follow my intuition and give up of some of my iconic dolls,to give to my Top Model Nikki - Dorah - the chance/change for finally gets articulations.
This was not the first time that I thought about take out Aly (Pop Life Christie) of my collection.But just for being she so iconic,for sure lovely and my first "gold label",I kept myself unsure to take this decision.
But in a recent conversation about my dolls,plans for the dolls and characteristics of my collection, with a very sensitive friend, I had to undesrtand, that all my impressions about Pop Life dolls having a caricatural aspect,and for that, shows a different style from what my  collection is featuring now,were true.
Then,encouraged by this talk,I finally decided to sell the Pop Life's doll head,and offer to Dorah,her,for sure,a stunning and beautiful doll,the opportunity(by the re-body),to be,as I always dreamed she should be.
A last detail about this news,it's that I'd love to give Dorah,the chance to have those pretty hands of Pop Life dolls...I never saw again this kind of hands in a Barbie Collector doll.Mattel's "quality",nowadays,gives to Collectors the same style of playline hands!All I can say,is that I'm really happy!Having no regret giving up from Aly,and sure that forward,Dorah will appears more and more,
being able to be part of my new photo projects for the doll cast.

                  THE DORAH'S RETURN!