sexta-feira, 25 de março de 2016



It's funny how we can have a certain affection for symbols or representations.Dolls,for sure,are a mark of a time in our lives,and it's not so easy give up on some of them.
Ali,my Pop Life Christie,had not a great time among the doll cast,but even having,after all,a different aspect,she brought enchantment and charm for the collection,and being an iconic black doll,I'd like to give her my homage through a brief retrospect of her best moments in front of my lens.
She's(her head,I say...LOL!)now going to Bahia,"to live" with other dolls...
Her body,you know,gives now,life for the stunning Dorah.
This,a doll that I don't pretend to give up so early!!

*A CuriosityAli and Dorah,never had together in neither picture,
during all of this time...

                   BYE BYE,ALI,BYE BYE!

2013,In My First Photo(And Dolls)Exhibition

With Her Dog,Now,Of Dorah...

                           Reveillon 2012

2016,A Head For Sale (Sold!)