sábado, 2 de abril de 2016


Hi,All Of You!

ARCANUM,is a word that belongs to the magic lines and means the secret,the unrevealed,the things that can be told by the symbol.
Five years ago,I met in Facebook,as a contact of some common friends,a very creative,exciting,curious and talented artist of São Paulo,Brasil, called GAL OPPIDO.
   Gal Oppido & Jorge Ramiro (2015)
Gal is a multimedia artist very sentitive,
and able to get great results in drawing,
photography,his most used expression,
video,music and more.
Last year,he made me an invitation to join his project called CROSS.A surprising video collage(if I can call it this way),composed by many different expressions of art,as music,contemporary art,acting,
performance...and among all this,Gal,had a kind of vision,that my doll characters,could somehow get dialogue with the project.
I had the pleasure to meet him in person,visiting his studio and I was introduced to a part of the material already done.Watching all those amazing performances,by so many different artists,I felt an inspiration to create exactly something out of everything I've been doing since I started working with doll photography.
Of course I have nothing against fashion style.Actually,I really love it.But I thought it was time to take my eyes for another dimension,another way to observe and deeply see my pieces,my dolls.
And I decided to study,for conceive something that explores opacity,power of expression of the dolls.The strength of the myth and symbolic aspect.The result is this small exhibition,that I bring to you today.Thank You So Much!

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