segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2016


Hello,My Friends!

Many things happened since I started collecting fashion dolls,seven years ago.The first funny thing about it,comes exactly by the fact that I never thought it could get so far...(LOL!)
And the most recent funny thing about it,comes from the sensation that only now the playing will really starts.This because since last year,I'm organizing changes,re-bodies and detaching me of some dolls,opening that way a space for the right piece.
In the beginning of this adventure,I confess,I made some mistakes buying pieces (dolls),that only a time after,I could see as inappropriate to the style my collection was compounding.
Well,I guess it happen with many of you.So,while I was slowly resolving the mistakes and substituitions,I was also discovering and studying those that showed potential for photos and those that didn't work as well as I thought,even with those I felt something special about them.Pop Life Christie,was a case like that... 
It was not easy to make the re-body of all my dolls without articulation.First by the tone,and after for the money.It's not cheap to find articulated dolls out of line,in Brasil.And finally, because I decided to do something that I considered important:I have not hybrids!All my dolls from Mattel,have a Mattel's articulated body...this was not simple to achieve...
But,now they are almost ready for adventures,projects and lots of fun.I'm waiting for the last two articulated bodies for two dark skin divas...
With some changes and some dolls left in the past,these are the stars on the doll cast.



(A Little Bit More Of Them In The Second Part!)

domingo, 6 de novembro de 2016



Just finishing here,what I started in the posting above.
I have three dolls whose characters are represented by more than one doll.They are:the first and very special Sheilla B,represented by three more dolls exactly alike her(Nikki Beach Fun),and two other versions for this lovely Christie/Asha head mold.The stunning Jewel Girl Christie and the Jam N'Glam Christie doll,that "does" Sheilla, in her blue pop hair mood(LOL!).

My Second Version: Sealed Lips

First Version : Re-Bodied Nikki Beach Fun ©2009

One Of The Three More Other Sheillas(This: Jewel Girl)
The cult doll Artsy(mine,got the name:Sassy) also have three other versions for the same character,just because as everybody knows it's impossible not to fall down in temptation with so many nice versions of this very popular doll.She has lots of great versions,and I consider her a necessary piece in any collection.

My Second Version 2011 (Sealed Lips)

My Third Version - 2012

The First Original Version (On My Way!) ©2009

My Fourth Version ©2013 -

The last one (until now!),is the gorgeous Raquelle(mine named:
Shyma Eve)that has three stunning versions,since the release of her first edition in 2011.I also have the red lipstick version
(2012)and the edition with the little dog.I still look for her lovely fringe hair version,in the last articulated wave of the Barbie Fashionista(2013).

Since I have tried some effects,filters and art interventions on some of my iconic doll photos,I decided to share with you,the tries I made along this year,soon arriving to its end.
I hope you enjoy it! Thank You,Once Again!
                                                                                    See You Soon!