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Since I had that doll in hands by the first time,in 2010,looking 
at her amazing beautiful face(what a great creation of Mattel's designers!),I thought with myself:How sad,that she's trapped on a "model muse" body!In the truth,I had the same feeling,holding the awesome Nikki Top Model(My Dorah),that arrived almost at the same day than mine Josephine - On Location Milan.By this time,I already had the clear notion about what articulations could bring for dolls in terms of photography.Even trying to give her the best impressions of movement and "body expression" as I could,in the photos,I obviously couldn't get far on it and in a certain moment I stopped trying her on photos,sure that she needed an articulated body.
It took seven years to happen!Only now she's ready to express the perfect grace her face calls for,through a more natural way to move and strike poses.She is also ready for projects where the dolls "act holding" things.

This was possible only because I could find the rare "Chandra" SIS.
Babyphat.As everybody knows,that collection
(out of line now),had an important role celebrating the proud and beauty of the afro americans and black people across the globe represented by the dolls.Unfortunately,many of the So In Style dolls waves(as many other black dolls,did not come to brazilian stores.What I consider a pity to the black brazilian children self-esteem,who can not easily find black dolls by the stores of a completely mixed country.We can say the same,on an even more serious scale,for the japanese children,here,who much more rarely find a symbol of their culture and ethnicity in a toy form.
If I'm not wrong this was the first time Mattel released a dark brown articulated body,in a playline collection.By this point,I confess,I really don't understand the reasons for so few articulated bodies in "dark brown" and "dark black" tones by the Mattel's dolls.
Why not to have a dark skin diva in Barbie Style or Made to Move lines?
Why it didn't happen in the old times of Fashionistas articulated?Of course,USA,the land of Mattel,has(as in Brazil)an expressive quantity of mixed blood people and perhaps for that,
"afra" and "light black" are the most used tones for black dolls by Mattel.But of course,there are also a great number of people with gorgeous dark complexion...so... I just don't understand why not to celebrate more this aspect of reality...
Anyway,I'm very happy in get the lucky to find the SIS Chandra,that matches exactly with the skin tone of Josephine.
As I said before,I wanted to preserve some original aspect by the dolls,using only articulated body of the same factory.It was not easy!
After writting this post,I went for a visit on "The Barbie Collection",to get information about the name of the On Location Milan's designer.Then I reminded that it was a Robert Best's creation.Exactly in October of 2006.So,in a certain way,I'm paying my personal tribute to the 10th anniversary of the release of this very,very beautiful doll.
Mine,now,gorgeous,in her articulated body.

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