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2016 it's ending,and at its begining,we had a nice surprise with GREASE LIVE TV show by FOX,in last february.
Even with some mistakes and sound troubles,it was something that redefined the live shows issues,for sure.And paid a great tribute to the well succeed play of Broadway and iconic film with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in the main roles.
The "Frenchy" character,became a movie icon.Millions of  people all across the world,and from very distant generations are able to identify Frenchy from Grease.I have not many informations about this character in the original play of Broadway,but certainly,from the Paramount Movie of 1978,Frenchy is definitely a mark.
Jansen & Conn: LIVE 2016!
Didi Conn & Joan Blondell: 1978 Movie
Conn & Frankie Avalon's finger: 1978 Movie
All this pop vibe around the pink hair girl,
comes from the awesome creation of Didi Conn,that has the lucky to be,until the present days,having fun with her creation.
Didi,was the only one in the Grease cast that had been present in all the moments after 1978.
Behind the Grease movie,Frenchy came back in Grease II(1982),
that introduce the wonderful 
Michelle Pfeiffer.
Now,in early 2016 in Grease Live,Didi Conn,had the opportunity to perform the waitress Vi,played by Joan Blondell,in the 1978's movie.
Everybody remember that classical snack bar talk,some minutes before of the "Beauty School Drop Out" song moment,with Frankie Avalon,in the Frenchy's angel dream,by the way,very well recreated by the Boyz To Men in the live show.
Didi And Carly Jansen - Instagram 2016 
Some characters fall down in the affection of the audfience,and Frenchy is a worldwide case like this.Forgetting the solo moment where Carly Rae Jansen(that plays Frenchy in Grease Live)sings,I like very much the naturality that Jansen lent to the character,less comic or gangly,than that created by Didi.

When I made my tribute to Grease and Grease Live also in february,I had not the chance to include Frenchy among Rizzo,Sandy and Marty,bringing Dee Gee,doll that I've got as a gift from Debbie Garret,in her first
February 2016 - My Grease Tribute
photo session,appropriately in a 50's
style,and celebrating the fact of a black actress/singer be playing that role.
And by this time I still was trying to repair this horrible mistake I made,not buying at the stores when I had the chance,the only dolls I have that honor iconic characters or real people.
Actually Rizzo,that is my unique 
Teresa,it was the only that I had the lucky to buy at a store.Sandy in her Rydell cheerleader uniform,I bought from a seller on internet in 2011.And since then,I was trying to find Frenchy to compose the power trio of Grease ladies,
but she was hard to find or absurdly expensive when found.
The search ended in late 2015.But as this 2106 was a very busy and troubled year,I still hadn't find a time to introduce that doll as she deserves.I have in mind the idea to insert Frenchy and Rizzo,out of their original characters,on the doll cast.
Frenchy,I believe,will soon suits very well on an elaborate plan for 2017,which the theme,it's still a secret.
About another Grease dolls reunion,all I can say by now,it's that life passes quickly,and pretty soon,in just one year,everyone of us will be probably celebrating again,with the pass of 40th Grease Anniversary(The Movie!).Yeahhh!Can you believe that?1978/2018 OMG!
Well,despite all the fury of the time,I'll be here(If God Allow!),ready to make a better new Grease tribute,this time counting on Frenchy's presence(LOL!).Only by this time my Grease girls will be together again,celebrating the fact that Grease for many and many generations ahead,will still keep being:"the word".

 Still In The Lovely Grease Boxes

A Touch Of "Riz" On Her (What Do You Think?)

 Another Choice For Rydell Ball

This Post Is Dedicated To The American Actress
Thank You, For The Good Vibes And So Much Fun!

God Bless You!