segunda-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2016


No,My Friends!

I'm not closing activities here on my Blogger space,but,as everybody knows,depending on the kind of job you do,by the passing of time,
the blog no longer works as a good place for a wide view of an artist production.
And since I have around 220 postings on here and over 7.000 pictures realized in these 8 years of fun with dolls,I decided,even on this troubled year,create another address,where my work with photography could be better observed in a professional portfolio.

This was something that I had the obligation to create as a good tool to promote my art,opening possibilibities for future exhibitions.There aren't many photos there.35 images try to brief my production.It's something projected to work as a visit card.

It was made by the WIX platform,after a long time of myself trying to understand exactly how the templates work on there.
It was not easy (LOL)!
But I guess I got something balanced,elegant.
It's very easy to navigate the Jorge Ramiro Photography site,
through the buttons at the top of the homepage.I hope I deserve a look,a visit,and,who knows... a message from some of you coming from there...

                LINK: Here

Anyway I'm glad to share this with you,and thank you for all the support and encouragement that I always get from you all.

Once again I'd like to say that CLICKING DOLLS,it's also on Instagram,and often on there,you can get some preview of the postings I'm still preparing for publish.

Will be a pleasure have you also there!

I'd like to thank Marta,our colleague of 
"All 4 Barbie" blog,for all the visits,
"likes" and comments on my pictures,there.
Always a pleasure when I see you made me a visit.I Really Appreciate that!Thank You!

            "See" You All,Soon!