segunda-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2016



Jacqueline,was the second stunning doll contemplated with a new body of Chandra.And now,all I can say is that the goddess is ready!
I can clearly remember when I saw her for the first time,so close,at the Black Barbie Celebration Exhibition in 2010.
I thought her truly amazing and I decided that I'd really want her.
Her arriving was a surprise,just because I could find printed on the box,a very known brazilian consumers symbol(Imetro!),that made me arguire about the rules of the brazilian market for Barbie Collectors sales.That box,was surely meant to belong to the brazilian market.But we never saw that in the toy stores on here...
I never had a clear answer for my question...
Anyway forgeting the political aspects and focusing on the art aspects,the arriving of the afro american Dallas Cheeerleader doll,brought me great joy and made me sure about her potential for great pictures.
But,of course,at the same time,I've got the thinking of how could her be more interesting if it was possible an articulated version of her.
We were at early 2011 and the Chandra articulated version,would happen only in late 2012.And I would take contact to this release,only in the midle of 2013.And pretty soon,this doll became a rare doll to find here in Brazil and till where I know,also in USA...
My decision to end up the Model Muse bodies era,on my doll cast,called for an effort to find a solution for this two amazing dolls:
"On Location:Milan" and "Dallas Cheerleader".

Once again,I could count on the help of the ludic Gods,and in a kind of magic I found a guy selling some Chandras on the Amazon website.
Asked for help to my favorite dealer,here in Brazil,and he could buy two for me in a good plan of sell.
This was the end of Model Muse era for some of my beautiful dolls,and all I have now it's a plan to have only a trio of muses in a soon future.
I already kept one,and will put two others in a trio of muses on my collection,as mythical symbols of beauty,magic and elegance,but out of the creative projects.
It's not always possible achieve a target.And I'm glad I had once more the lucky to end up the transformation of this two adorable dolls and let behind the MM era,on my collection.I took all this time preparing my dolls for the playing,but I have none regret of that,because the exercising in the middle of all this time,made me see how this truly worths every cent and every moment spent to do it...

Thanks Once More,For Your Attention!