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Hi,Everybody!Happy 2017!

When in 2010 I bought the wonderful Model Nº8 doll of the awesome Basic line,I could not suppose that soon I could feel even better impressed by the release of the Basic Line Red,where the Model Nº8,appears in a very stylish and contemporary look of a young black lady.But this would happen in a soon future!
I named my Model Nº8 LYA and actually she had a very short time of experiments and photo registers.By this time,I was also thinking about create my first female gay couple and a certain attitude,I could read on this doll face,made me choose her as one of the gay girls and when Mariko was transformed by a perfect re-body,I finally had the awesome pair: a stunning black lady and a lovely asian girl,representing a new ethnic couple on the doll cast.But some unexpected events made me put off the presentation of the girls as the new couple.Exactly in that period, I had a great opportunity to buy NRFB the wonderful Model Basic Red Nº8,so when I finally made the presentation of the new gay couple I made it using exactly that version.

The RED version had the same makeup,the same "attitude facial",and an awesome "ginger power" amazing classic afro hair styling,preserving exactly the tone of the Model Basic Nº8 in its first version.All these similarties gave me the idea to create a fictional fun posting,telling the Lya's story.Her success as a top model,her talent as a soul singer and songwritter,her last travel for a time in New York and her bombastic decision,on there,to call the press,to make her outing as a gay girl,stuck in the strict rules of being a fashion icon.But,unfortunately I never had time to make this posting,maybe understanding that even introducing that story,my first version of Model Basic Nº8,was sentenced not to find a place among my dolls.
What I then still did not know,is that a new version of Model Basic Nº8 would leave me completely delighted. In the Jeans Line(Wave 2),with wonderful articulated dolls,the Number 8,caught my attention by her magnetizing expression,her wonderful hair and a lipstick in an almost black tone. But unfortunately this collection did not come to Brazil and the online sellers here,asked a fortune for the doll, which of course, made me give up temporarily to acquire it.But not,without always asking secretly for an opportunity to do it.What,only in may of 2016,finally happened.With the option of articulate all my collection,it couldn't have come at a better time.Replacing my powerful first version of the Basic Number 8(sold to a friend last year),but in an even more sensual and special way.


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  1. Wow! I do really like the way you dressed the articulated girl, Fierce defines her new look properly.

    1. Rafael,My Friend!
      It's such a pleasure not only have you back to my blog but,
      having you as someone that wrote something about this posting.I know my blog has not anymore the same number of visits it had some years ago,but especially on this posting,I could bet I'd have more attention that I had, exactly because I saw that work, as a nice result in the doll production and photos...
      I'm grateful that you have realized my dedication!


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