sábado, 28 de janeiro de 2017


I already had announced Pierre on Instagram (You can follow me there,too)as the first boy to travel with me to Rio in march.
And I made a joke,yesterday,saying that he had invited Jay R,and so,they both are going to the marvellous city together.
I decided to post also,here the pictures I made,only to announce,on this social networking,the two first boys confirmed to the travel.
Since the subject,for now,it's the travel to Rio.And to realize good photos,I must be carefully planning everything with antecedence,my sharings,this way,keep my mind organizing everything I need for a good result. 
Pierre was a certain,because I like him very very much,he is a very special doll,and always have the sensation that I can do a better job,capturing him.Jay R is also a handsome boy and has the style and the skin tone of Rio in the summer.Being taller than Kens,these guys,represent a good opportunity for better captures in real locations of the city.
Pierre,is also the "official photographer" of the doll cast,and so,this way,couldn't miss the first doll cast's travel.

I'll be anytime updating news about the travel,letting all the details shared with the ones that follow the blog.

                                                                                                        Thank You,So Much!



6 comentários:

  1. Hi my friend! Beautiful photography as always!! I especially love the hats!

    1. Hey,Georgia!
      Thank you very much! These are the first boys confirmed to Rio in march.The hats are from Barbie Sinatra (the grey) and the first Fashionista Ken 2009.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I don't blame you for choosing Pierre as your traveling buddy. What a hottie! Sexiness for days. That last picture is so beautiful.

    1. Hi,Vanessa!
      Welcome Again,My Friend!
      Pierre is such an adorable doll and it was so difficult to get him and when finally I could find one for me,in 2011,his travel from USA to Brazil was so suffered I thought I couldn't take him anymore.Well I'm glad "he found" his way to me.
      The last photo it's a Google search image for Rio by Night. Just sharing the natural beauty of my birth town...
      Hugs,My Dear!!

    2. Oops I have the names mixed up. I think I meant Jay R, the Tobias doll.

    3. Ohh,It can happens,friend!
      Jay R,is a handsome guy,too!I have just four Integrity Toys boys,but since they are expensive and hard to buy on here,I use to choose them with love and attention.Jay will looks great by the light of Rio in march.Thanks again for your visit!!