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One of best things of love comes from its ability to surprise,
appearing unexpectedly and creating a wave of courage and strength,inside the hearts of those truly feel the power of love.
None prejudice was able to separate,those who were,through the power of life(the power of love!)meant to live together.
In my point of view(and please understand that it's something really personal)one of the best ways to break with the stupid idea of racial prejudice,is to breaking with the idea of pure blood.

In this direction,love has a perfect role,when mixes ethnicities and creates an enormous number of people in the world,connected by the truth of love.It's something that powerfully overthrows the absurd idea of race prejudice.
Fortunately,even in this obscure times we're living in,it's still possible to know that the force of love,all over the world,has been able to tear down walls of prejudice,allowing the light of love to happen,
connecting people by bonds of humanity.
Through the arrival into the world of mixed blood children,a door of hope it's open against all the inhumanity that racial prejudices have created.
That's why among my dolls the racial mix has always been welcomed and celebrated:because it is welcome and celebrated in the reality of the lives of thousands of families around the world,including mine!

In early 2016 I created a board on Pinterest with lots of beautiful photos and images of interracial love with real people from all across the globe.Unfortunately,some have not credit of authors,but they are all shared on there,through the pins of many people on that site.

About this lovely encounter of MAX and JACQUELINE,all I can say is that,since he arrived to the collection in 2015,I thought they could compose a lovely couple.But I was not sure if I really would find a new articulated body for Jackie,since I could not see her as a girlfriend for Max in that unexpressive model muse body.The expressions of them together were very sweets and suggestive.When she finally got her new body in late 2016,everything went perfect and I was just waiting for the appropiate moment to introduce them as a new couple.
New guys and girls arrived to the doll cast and other couples will be introduced, along this 2017.But Jackie & Max,I really wanted they were introduced as the first and on Valentine's Day.


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  1. Love this post. I am a firm believer of not limiting your love options based on a race. You don't fall in love with a color, you fall in love with a person. Everyone needs love. Congrats on finding a body for Jacqueline. She is looking fabulous as usual.

    1. My Friend Vanessa!
      It's something really nice when we can touch more than photo observers,but those who are able to read and give attention for something we are sharing in terms of personal way to understand life.I feel happy that you understand my point and as an human being,see that love is something that God created for us, to be sharing among humans,the only race we have on earth.
      Thank you for your visit and comment!

  2. They are a lovely couple indeed. Beautiful post. I appreciate diversity in my dolly world just as I do in my real one.

    1. Jewell,
      Thank you,for your visit and warm words for the post.I'm glad to know you're a diversity enthusiastic,too.Diversity is LIFE!

  3. Such a great message in this post, since I saw the photo of a couple in love that image took me back to my childhood, a flash back indeed, that's exactly what I had at home, my grandfather was black and my grandmother a white woman so I never heard/knew the word racism until I went to high school, sadly that kind of words are in kids mouth nowadays. I think we have a hard work to do if we really wanna live in a better world, this is a step forward, the more interracial couples are exposed the more stereotypes and fears will shoot down.

    1. Rafael,
      This is the most beautiful statement I had in a posting of my doll photos.If I was able to touch your heart and mind with my simple idea to share the concept of interracial couples,bringing back the memory of your own family,who knows I can touch the heart of many people and all of us together could say NO! to the stupid idea of racial prejudice.All the ways to convey anti-prejudice ideas are valid,and I try to use my dolls to express the values I believe.
      I feel happy to know that this is not in vain!
      Thank You Very Very Much,Especially For This Comment!