quarta-feira, 24 de maio de 2017



It's been awhile,since month and a half ago,when I came around for publish a posting.Well,this it's another year not allowing free time and space for fun and working with art.At least my own art,since I spend a great time working for other's art.Anyway,across the globe,everybody knows,that the social and political moment of Brazil it's far from order and stability.
So,we are having to work more,to do more,being creative to be able to win this horrible moment of our economy.Personaly,I'm waiting for important definitions of the enterprise I work for,just to have some direction for the second semester.
But sometimes,only for a relaxing,I take one or two dolls and I make some try on photography.Even not living a moment of inspiration and with big worries,to hold and playing with some of my dolls,of course,brings some peace,even if only for some brief moments.
Last week,I had the necessity to make some shoots,and the idea was bring KYO and NAKAO for their first encounter.
I published on Instagram a homage to my asian girls,and it was the time to promote the register of these two asian guys.
The Instagram it's being a little the site,where I share something about my photos.I'm really not into a mood to write too much.
And I decided to have compromise only with my inspiration.
I would love to live only for my desires,but there's a real life out there,and I must trying to change anything I can to get a better life and better future.THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION!

                                        KYO & NAKAO
           First Encounter -©May,2017

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    1. GrandMommy!
      Sorry for my lateness in send you my thanks for the visit and comment.I'm not coming around very oftenly.
      The guys are really handsome...Love them!!
      Much Love___________________________ Jorge.